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Hyperlink Directory  - Hyperlink Directory News

Hyperlink Directory TM

Hyperlink Directory News

Hyperlink Directory Culled July 24th & 25th, 2014

I went through quite a few listings and cleaned up the directory.  Listings for hyperlinks that are being redirected to other websites were changed to inactive status.  Reciprocal link listings which no longer are maintaining a link back to our website were changed to inactive status.  Listings that no longer direct visitors to active domains were set to inactive.

This should clean-up the directory considerably.  There are still some culprits to find-out and catch, but this is the one constant of the universe, everything changes... especially on the web.


If your website was culled from the listings today and it is only down temporarily, give me a shout and I will be happy to reinstate it once your site is back online (or our required reciprocal  link for no-charge reciprocal listings is back up and online).


Hyperlink Directory was Offline until March 25th, 2012

Hyperlink DirectoryTM is back online on Sunday, March 25th, 2012, after a catostrophic loss of data from the old web hosting platform's database. But good things come out of rotten turns of events, and because of this loss of data, Hyperlink DirectoryTM has taken significant steps to assure that this will not happen again in the future.

Hyperlink DirectoryTM has...

  1. Moved to a new and more stable web hosting platform, at Domain Hostmaster.
  2. Taken great pains to allow a complete upgrade to the system software, which will now include new features.
  3. Recovered an earlier database backup from a few years prior.
  4. Recovered every single paid listing that has been purchased in the missing data timeline by researching our PayPal account.
  5. Personally manually entered the titles and descriptions for all the missing paid listing URLs.
  6. Approved all the missing paid listings.
  7. Sent out emails notifying all customers of the problem and offering to edit any paid listing (within reason) that is not satisfactory to the listing owner.

After a month long upgrade to the directory software, Hyperlink DirectoryTM is back online promoting websites and ready for new listing submissions once again.

About the Software Upgrade

The software that Hyperlink DirectoryTM runs on has been upgraded significantly so that it is now not only easier to manage (including approving pending listings), but it is also faster, more reliable and even more secure. The software update also offers a great deal more capabilities and features than ever before. The biggest improvement is that the directory can now act as a portal, allowing membership so that promoting more than one site is easier, and allowing online marketers and webmasters social interactivity with reviews, comments and listing ratings. More social networking and media features will be added in the future, as well.

Submitters can even dress-up a website listing, as it can now sport a logo, optionally a banner, and regular listings can show up in another couple of relevant categories. Regular listings can include a couple of extra deep links as well now, so now you can promote specific pages of your site. Featured listings have even more options, as category sponsors, but there are only 6 featured listings allowed per each category.

Because of the enhanced security we are still allowing reciprocal link exchanges. Although this started as an experiment, we hope that this works out because as we announce to the world your websites and online resources, we all have much better results the more well known we are.

About Our Online Absence

As Directory Master, I take full responsibility in our month-long downtime. I had been trying to cancel the previous web hosting services for well over six months because they were simply too expensive and they were running me into the poor house (very quickly).

Though I expected a little down-time when moving to a new server, they weren't canceling my account as expected and their web hosting service was extremely fast (which is why it was so expensive), so I just left a bunch of my websites there expecting to put them on new hosting the following day that they finally cancelled my account.  But this went on for over 6 months and every spare moment I had was spent trying to get them to stop charging me and cancel my service.

Finally, I went on vacation to the US Virgin Islands.  On February 15th, the first full day that I had off to start my vacation, after a full day of travel, I used a rather slow satellite internet connection to get online only to find that an enormous number of my sites were down.  I had forgotten that they were also hosting all the images that I was loading in from all my premium domains that were parked in a number of different networks.  As a brand and design agency, that meant that I had a lot of existing websites that were a glaring embarassment to us.  So I worked on getting the smaller sites returned to normalcy first, while we started investigating several alternatives and options for hosting the directories.

Although I had been making backup dumps of all the databases for all of our websites in our account on their system, apparently every single one of their database dumps timed out, and every single one of my archives were incomplete.  So once we green-lighted the directory upgrades, getting the updates done was problematic.  Finally, we hired outside help and Hyperlink Directory was again online on Saturday the 24th, but required a day's attention in order to look presentable.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.  Anyone who has posted a reciprocal link in the past 6 months is encouraged to do so again.  The database dumps are now working at Domain Hostmaster, whithout any hitches, and I will be backing up the database regularly.  

Again, I am sorry for my screw-up, but the problem has been addressed and it won't be happening again.
Thanks, the Hyperlink DirectoryTM Directory Master, Doug Peters.